MACY McMILLAN had quite an amazing weekend … which means I did, too! I’m not at ALA Midwinter, but to my complete shock and amazement, MACY made a couple appearances.

On Saturday, the United States Board on Books for Youth announced their 2018 Outstanding International Books list.


As if that wasn’t enough faint-then-freakout news for one weekend, on Sunday I received an astonishing phone call from the selection committee for the American Library Association‘s Schneider Family Book Awards. This morning, this announcement made the news public:



I’m not sure how Macy’s feeling down in Denver at the ALA conference, but up here, I’m still in shock. I’m thrilled and grateful and honoured and humbled, all at once. Thank you to the USBBY and the Schneider Family award committee!!


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  1. Congratulations, Shari, on these two amazing awards! I’ve loved Macy since I first met her, and at that time I felt her story was truly one of the special ones. I’m so looking forward to your next book! Enjoy this very memorable week! – Susan

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  2. I loved Bailey and I love Macy. (You have a knack for making your characters both real and appealing, so it’s no surprise to me that your stories are being so well received.) I’m thrilled at these well deserved acknowledgements/awards. 🙂

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